Layer-23Mosbar mosquito repellent was originally developed by an Australian scientist, Mr Tom Simmons, in conjunction with the World Health Organisation (WHO). The purpose of developing the soap repellent was to help decrease the incidence of death in countries where malaria was prevalent, with particular interest in young children. The soap bar repellent has proven successful in a number of African, South American, Asian and South Pacific countries. This is to let you know that it is not a new product but has been around for about 25 years, so it is well tested and proven. It is regarded as a very successful product in repelling mosquitoes for long periods of time. Under testing it is reported to be virtually a non-toxic product with no adverse effects.

When applying the soap bar initially it appears white on the skin and a bit sticky like soap but after a few minutes this disappears and the skin feels normal. It has quite a pleasant smell. The soap bar will protect from mosquito and biting insects for up to 10 hours. There is also now a roll on Mosbar available which is very effective for up to 6 hours.

Mr Tom Simmons worked in conjunction with the WHO for several years in making this product available to countries badly infested with malaria and dengue fever. Upon returning to Australia he still supplied volunteer medical staff with the product for when they travel to infested countries.

Layer-24Upon hearing about the mosquito problem on the Bellarine Peninsula about four years ago, he made the product  available in limited quantities. lt has been well used over this time and found to be very successful. The man who did mosquito control for the area used Mosbar and believed it to be the best repellent he had come across.

Mr Simmons agreed to give us this product to manufacture so it can become more widely available to our local area (Bellarine Peninsula and Geelong) and throughout Australia. We have used it for the last fourteen years and found it to be extremely good in making life bearable to live outside as the mosquito infestation around Geelong has been getting worse and worse. It should also help give protection against the Bairnsdale Ulcer as it can be transmitted by mosquitoes.

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